The Best Food Hall in the North Loop of Minneapolis

New Views and Epic Megadillas at North Loop’s Food Hall!

There’s a new food hall in in business in the Minneapolis North Loop and it’s open for breakfast, dinner and drinks! Grave Provisions and Libations has everything you need under one roof. There’s a green space, a patio on the roof, two bars stocked with drinks and snacks, and a lot of independent vendors. The building has two floors, is spread over 14,000 square feet and is placed on 4th Street and 5th Avenue, close to Target Field.

What to Eat There

You’ll see the first sign of life at 6.30 in the morning at Honey & Rye Bakehouse. The bakery serves the neighborhood Tiny Footprint coffee and baked goods, with a little bowl for four-legged neighbors. At 7 am, the doors open to let human customers in as well. If you want to make yourself comfortable, the first floor offers plenty of seating and free WiFi too!

Honey & Rye offers mouth watering desserts all evening long, too so if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love it there.

While you’re on the first floor, look out for other vendors too. First floor vendors include Carbon, which is owned by the same pair behind Gastrotruck food trucks. Peterson beef, including a full pit beef sandwich, is grilled and shaved onto the sandwiches. Pit beef sandwiches in Baltimore are easy to find in roadside stands and gas stations, but they are hard to find around the Twin Cities. You will also find nationally loved sandwiches like the Chicago-style Italian Beef, Philly French dip and many more.

Next to Carbon is a stand where menus change according to the weather. New poke bowls are on for now. When winter settles in, the stand will start serving steaming bowls of ramen.

Next door to that is the mega Mexican food truck’s second location, Flagsmash, which is becoming quite the phenomenon. It’s here that the Instagram-famous Megadilla is served: a gobsmacker on the griddle of a plate with fried French fries, cheese and meat, stuffed in a tortilla, and baked till super crispy.

You will also find one of the best burritos around, filled with delicious stuffing and served piping hot.

Next to these eateries is MidNord Empanadas and Churros, the nearest bar and the outdoor exit to the green lawn. This is the first permanent outpost for the long-popular food truck that has served its signature, blistery empanadas for years, but this is the first foray into the cinnamon sugar world of churros.

A bar joins both the upper and lower floors. Unique to Minneapolis food halls, this one allows for ordering and enjoying drinks in a common area. So you can order food from several retailers and still enjoy a delicious cold brew with it.

The bars are supervised by Jesse Held Earl Giles. As expected, you will find a perfect Manhattan, and perhaps unexpectedly, there are a few drinks that have been refurbished from a different era. The White Russian, and other classics from the popped-collar era have a modern twist. Held is fond of these drinks, and these also made a debut on Constantine’s first menu.

Upstairs, along with an inside / outside bar set up, there’s a giant TV hooked up with plenty of video games. There are also additional vendors including Lu’s Restaurant, from the same people who introduced Lu’s Sandwiches.

Soul Bowl, the former pop-up that has the Best Year Ever, is also upstairs. After making its debut inside Target Field, it’s now on the way to opening up a second location.

Soul Bowl is open all days from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. except Saturday when the stand, owned by Klass and Brittany Klass, is closed. There’s some hope, though, that Chef Klass will bring the Soul Brunch back on Sundays once things get rolling. Stay tuned to find out more news about that.

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Where to Chill

Now you know all your potential food options, you’ll want to know where to hang out and chill. There’s a replesendent patio upstairs that’s going to act as the North Loop’s New neighborhood deck. You can hang out there anytime, with a couple of drinks and some great food!